Where in the World Wednesday! Featuring: Megan (Johanknect) Ryan 04/15/15

Megan (Johanknect) Ryan, ’09 MA-HRIR, currently works as the recruiter for Relevant Solutions – a collection of congruent businesses that provide product distribution, service, rental and control system integration to industrial and commercial customers in several industries (including Chemical, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Refining, Utility and Pulp & Paper). She moved to the Houston, TX area mid-2013 for her husband’s job opportunity. She stayed home for about a year, to care for their our newborn. In that time, Laura found a national franchise group (Fit4Mom) and became a member, and later an instructor. “We hold group fitness classes, where mothers bring their babies and children and workout with them” she says. Then Laura started at Relevant Solutions as a recruiter in January 2015. She reflects, “I never thought I would end up living in Texas- especially having grown up and lived in the WI/MN area all my life. Once you open yourself up to the possibility that you might enjoy trying something new, you realize there are just endless opportunities out there, and you do not have to necessarily tie yourself to just the one thing or one area you’ve known. That is one thing I have learned from moving to the Houston area. 95% of the people I have met did not have any family or friends here. Everyone moves to the area for (work) as there is SO much here – it ends up making it really easy to meet people since everyone is in the same boat.”

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