Catching Up with Igor Stanceric

Igor StancericIgor Stanceric graduated from the MA-HRIR program in 2014 and joined General Mills as an associate HR manager.  Stanceric is originally from Croatia but has spent time working in Sweden, attended Macalester College in St. Paul, and then the Carlson School of Management in Minneapolis, and is now based out of Buffalo, New York. We checked in with Stanceric to see how his career has been unfolding since graduation.

What kind of work are you doing currently?

  • Stanceric: As an associate HR manager I am currently in a business-partner role doing HR generalist work. From supporting our production and salaried employees as they work through their benefits questions, to FMLA, payroll, yearly processes such as respectful workplace policy training, working through performance management steps such as end of year performance appraisals, IDP process, team building and team development, coaching employees, etc.

How are you applying what you learned from your studies in the MA-HRIR program to your new position?

  • Stanceric: I am essentially putting into practice all of the theoretical concepts talked about in various classes. These range from strategic recruiting and succession planning to tactical assessments, administration, and interpretation. Another great example would be the motivational theories we learned about in one of the classes and applying that knowledge while coaching employees or working on their development. Managerial Communications class was yet another class I use on a day-to day-basis, whether while leading meetings, presenting trainings, or coaching employees.

Has there been anything surprising about the field or the work you’re doing?

  • Stanceric: One thing comes to mind immediately: the level and amount of people-influencing I do every day. Most everything I work on involves working with others, which translates into having to influence people to accomplish what you need to.

What is the most impactful thing you took away from the program that will help you in your career?

  • Stanceric: Never stop learning. Seeing theory put into practice is where personal development and growth come from. There is so much to learn, no matter the specific field or industry a person is in. The other piece of the puzzle here is making sure you share the learnings with others. Being competitive and wanting to succeed are great qualities–something that all MA-HRIR students have — but much like the collaboration that happened with classmates while interviewing for the same jobs, we need to continue to collaborate and share our learnings across companies and industries.


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