Career Advice from Alumni

Recently alumni Theresa Nyberg, ’88 MA-IR and Frank Deutsch, ’12 MA-HRIR sat down in the Georgianna E. Herman Library for Alumni Office Hours, an event where current MA-HRIR students have the opportunity to chat and receive advice from alumni. When asked what their top three advice to students were this is what they said…


Theresa Nyberg, ’88 MA-IR

Theresa Nyberg for Alumni Office HoursConnect:  Connect with other students, teachers, and professionals, both inside the HR profession and outside. These relationships will become “priceless” in both your professional and personal life.

“End Game”: Know who you are and what you are looking for, both in the short and long term. When choosing your internship or accepting any offer throughout your career, ensure your choice of organization and position is aligned with your goals and values. To be a successful HR business partner, learning the business is one success factor, another is having the passion or belief in the organization’s mission. This will drive you to excel.

Carlson School of Management:  Take advantage of all of the resources, services and education Carlson has to offer. Then remember Carlson when you are in a position to do so…Give Back.


Frank Deutsch, ’12 MA-HRIR

Frank Deutsch for Alumni Office Hours1. Purposefully step out of your comfort zone. That is when your greatest growth and development will take place.

2. Take as many of the MBA courses as possible for your electives. Specially, take the MBA Accounting course. You may be working in HR, but these students will one day be your fellow colleagues and you need to be able to speak their language.

  1. Try to touch as facets of HR as possible early on in your career. You may discover hidden talents and passions you never knew you had.

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