Congratulations Graduates!

As the sounds of Pomp and Circumstance filled the air on May 16, close to 700 students filed into Mariucci Arena as current Carlson School of Management graduate students and marched out as alumni! Seventy of those students earned a Master of Arts in Human Resources and Industrial Relations, and two earned a PhD in Business Administration with a concentration in Work and Organizations.

Dean Sri Zaheer inspired the emerging leaders to embrace business as a means to shape a brighter world.

“At its core, business is truly about creating new ideas for the future. It’s about enabling consumers, employees, and people to improve their own quality of life and contribute to improving that of others,” she says. “Part of why I’m so optimistic for the future is that I’ve seen you all embracing these principles while at the Carlson School.”

Keynote speaker Barbara Mowry, ’75 MBA, CEO of GoreCreek Advisors, shared advice and encouragement from her decades’ experience as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, and corporate board member. “This will likely be the last time you graduate from a formal degree program,” she says. “You are now transitioning from a formal education process to a self-directed course of continuous learning – and now the real education begins.”

As our newly-minted alumni leave campus to begin new careers, pursue additional schooling, enjoy travel and family time, or embark on any number of other great adventures, we wish them all the best in whatever the future holds.  (We’ve posted a selection of photos from this momentous occasion here.)

Congratulations, graduates! Best of luck, and please stay in touch!

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