Where in the World Wednesday? Featuring Bruce Henderson

36e598cBruce Henderson, ’08 MA-HRIR is currently an HR Director for Honeywell International supporting a line of business that focuses on Residential products and generates $900M annually. He has been with Honeywell International for the past five years. Prior to that, Henderson was doing two roles as an HR Director supporting a line of business that he helped create as a result of a recent acquisition, and as an Integration Leader driving integration activities in the United States for Honeywell’s largest acquisition in the past 13 years.

Henderson believes that as an HR leader for a global business he has the fun challenge of helping drive business growth across multiple geographically dispersed employee populations, which he considers exciting. Henderson also says that this aspect of his job is one of the many reasons he loves working in the HR function and this is something that makes going to work extremely fun.

When he’s not working, Henderson enjoys traveling to countries and experiencing different cultures. Over the past 3 months he has visited Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia & Vancouver-Canada!

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