2016 Case Competition: A Winning Experience for All

img_8976Congratulations to all who participated in our 4th Annual International Case Competition (CIHRCom)! The successful three-day event included teams from Queensland University of Technology, Australia; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and University of Minnesota, United States; Sun Yat-Sen University, China; Welingkar Institute, India; and Yonsei University,South Korea.

One student who participated said they chose to do so because the case competition provided “personal and professional development and a unique learning experience no lecture could possibly provide.”

Another said the case competition was a “good chance to practice what we’ve learned into practice and get to know more people in this field from all over the world.”

Lead Sponsor Land O’Lakes presented the case this year, and each team worked hard to come up with the best HR solution within a 24-hour time frame. The teams then presented their solutions to a panel of judges, and in the end, Queensland University took first place, the Carlson School team took second place, and Yonsei University came in third. Congrats to all the teams! We look forward to next year when we’ll celebrate the fifth anniversary of the only truly international, HR-focused, graduate level case competition in the world!

More photos of this event are available here.

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