Two WOrg Faculty Members Named Lawrence Fellows

Two faculty members from the Department of Work and Organizations (WOrg) are among five from the Carlson School who have been selected to receive the inaugural Mary and Jim Lawrence Fellowship. The fellowship was established by a generous gift from the Lawrences to recognize the excellence and contribution of junior and recently promoted faculty in enhancing the intellectual environment at the Carlson School. Jim Lawrence is the vice-chair of the Carlson School Board of Overseers.



Colleen Manchester is an Associate Professor in the Work and Organizations department. She joined the Carlson School in 2007 after completing her PhD in economics from Stanford University, with a specialization in labor economics and public finance. Her research investigates the provision of benefits and programs by employers, including flexible work practices, work-family policies, human capital investment, and retirement plans and the incentives they create for workers.


20160929sojourner05whclosecropAaron Sojourner is an Assistant Professor in the Work and Organizations Department. He joined the Carlson School in 2009 having completed his PhD in economics at Northwestern University. His research focuses on three areas: effects of labor-market institutions on economic productivity and in politics, policies to promote efficient and equitable development of human capital with a focus on early childhood and K-12 education systems, and behavioral economic approaches to consumer financial decisions.
In addition to Manchester and Sojourner, other faculty members receiving the fellowship include Gordon Burtch, Aseem Kaul, and Yuqing Ren. A public announcement about the fellowship, which will include the Lawrences and more on their gift, is being planned for March.

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