Houston-Area HRIR Alumni Gatherings

Professor John Budd visited Houston in late July to meet with many of the more than 45 HRIR alumni living and working in the area.

Large group

On July 24, nine alums/interns joined Budd and External Relations Coordinator Anne Obst for dinner at a local tapas restaurant. From left, Michael Fehl, Jake Peggar, Katelyn Larsen, Angela Branch, John Budd, Debbie France, Steven France, Julie Fehl, Linda Breed, and Yingchun Wang.

Budd and Branch


Showing some school spirit!!

ExxonMobil Lunch

The following day, 12 alumni at ExxonMobil hosted a lunch for Budd and Obst. From left, Andrew Zimba, Ali Radhi, Katelyn Larsen, Steve Hanson, Heidi Holmes, Tim Skrien, Amanda Erickson, Jessica Bienert, Kristin Nomura, John Budd, Megan Gondorchin, Jessica Connery, and Amir Ijaz.